We special pack your products, so they come ready to be displayed and
sold in retail stores. Our blister-carded and clam-shelled products are
sold in many national chain stores under our customers' private labels.


Throughout the years in working with our suppliers, we have established
strong networks in China which enable us to virtually find anything for
you. We have successfully connected our clients with overseas
manufacturers, not only in automotive-related product lines, but in other
fields as well. We have found them sources for OTR giant tires, baby
bottles, kites, and fashion items, just to name a few.


Our quality control team in China can work for you! They will check
each load before it leaves China to make sure your manufacturers have
made the products based on your requirements, and  all products you
ordered are being shipped. You will have no surprise when you receive
your orders.


We service your needs in any aspect of the supply chain, from
order-placing to delivering to your warehouse, or even drop ship to your
customers. Or we will just help you with any special needs you might
have. If you are buying from us, all these services are included without
additional charges.